GPS Tracking Devices For Cars

gps tracking

Our GPS vehicle tracking units are ideal for sales vehicles that take your employees and products on the road, allowing you to keep track of your business assets while reducing costs. When your business travels all over the map, it is critical to know the location and arrival times of your vehicles with reliable GPS tracking devices for cars. Assisting lost drivers, improving schedule management, reducing driver tardiness and accurately predicting arrival times are all key factors in operating a better business and increasing profits.

  • A detailed reporting and car tracking system helps you manage your staff – reducing employee downtime and retaining your best drivers and salespeople.
  • Knowing where your inventory and vehicles are at all times can help prevent theft and minimize unauthorized use of company assets.
  • Our GPS tracking for cars provides accurate information about your vehicles and business operations, allowing you to use fewer vehicles and resources to do equal or more work.

Service & Delivery Truck Fleet Tracking

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech market, your customers expect quality service delivered on time, every time. Our GPS tracking systems provide tracking and reporting capabilities for service and delivery vehicles, helping you provide standout customer service at a lower cost. When you know the “where” and “when” of your vehicles’ locations, you can better manage your services, inventory and employees for improved business operations.

Our vehicle tracking software offers asset allocation features, which allow you to locate the closest vehicle to a specific destination for faster pickups and deliveries.

Fewer “extra stops”, more direct routes, less idling and less unauthorized usage. Average fuel consumption reduced by up to 30%.

Saves up to 30 min per day per vehicle which leads to adding extra job per shift and a productivity increase of up to 12%.

Improve your customer service by knowing your exact arrival times and responding more effectively to emergencies and last-minute changes.

Driving behavior monitoring and real-time alerts, fewer traffic violations.

Security and safety enhanced by monitoring, alerts, theft-recovery, and more.


“Improved vehicle maintenance, have not had a blown motor in 3 years, improvement in delivery time and disputes.”

“Found my stolen truck within 1 minute with minimal damage, improved delivery and driver behavior.”

“Slowed down my drivers, have not had a speeding ticket since I added the system. Overall I figured out that Extreme GPS actually saves me
money in annual costs.”

“Have reduced package disputes, can verify package deliveries and allows me to verify hours of service.”

“All GPS units are not created equal, this one is second to none! Just check out the software!!”

“Best GPS unit to date. Enjoyed the development of this product seeing the limitless potential.”

“Their GPS tech is the future. I’ll never need to work with anyone else.”

Video Camera System (VEDR)

We are the proprietors of a dual-camera system (road and driver-facing) known as VEDR. We have systems capable of utilizing up to eight cameras, guaranteeing safety for even the largest, most expensive vehicles. The features of this service include but are not limited to:

  • Video recording starts when your vehicle’s ignition is turned on.
  • An auto-timer is set to 15 minutes when your vehicle is off. This can be extended if necessary.
  • We integrate a panic button into the system for your added security.
  • We offer optional “ALARM IN” capability, allowing you to do things like wiring the video system to a door switch.

SmartMail Interface


All of the video data from our camera systems is handled though our SmartMail interface. This program allows clients to view, retrieve, and interact with video footage taken at any point. The features of this service include but are not limited to:

  • An easy-to-use, easy-to-manage interface
  • Desktop programs and mobile apps for your added convenience
  • Email notifications about events as they happen
  • The ability to retrieve videos and clips from any given date or time
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