Decades Of Combined Experience

We founded Extreme Electronics Corp over five years ago after decades of combined experience working in the GPS tracking service industry. We wanted to provide clients with top-tier vehicle and asset tracking solutions, with our combined experience and team leadership making for innovative, reliable products and services. Through years of hard work, we’ve cemented our reputation as the industry’s most reliable GPS tracking service provider.


Extreme Vehicle Monitoring System

The Extreme Vehicle Monitoring system has helped thousands of business owners drive down operating costs and increase earnings. Our clients experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced operating expenses. The system enables clients to locate and deploy their vehicles with live, real-time tracking and provides minute-by-minute route verification, enabling you to settle customer disputes, provide proof of service, and ensure vehicles are not burning unnecessary fuel.


Reduced Overtime Expenses

Our reports enable business owners to verify time sheets accurately, leading to reduced overtime expenses. Customers can compare hours operated by each vehicle, thereby controlling productivity, and establish exactly how much time their vehicles spend at locations like supply houses, customer sites, or unauthorized locations. These reports allow for accurate validation of the cost of each site visit. The Positioning Universal system provides numerous reports suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of vehicle activity.

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