Premium Level Of Customer Service

Working with Extreme Electronics Corp affords you a premium level of customer service. Our program is a powerful income generator that’s just as easy-to-use as it is lucrative. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

  • Work directly with manufacturers
  • Dealerships can market as their GPS system by white box label tailored to dealership needs
  • Online dashboard shows dealership name
  • One-year service included (or just Theft Recovery with option to upgrade)
  • Theft recovery for 3 years (optional)
  • Three-year warranty on product
  • Dealer installed product (10-to-15-minute installation) or installation can be provided
  • Nationwide coverage area
  • Speed alert/low battery/geo-fencing/download vehicle reporting to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Unit is transferrable
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Sales and installation training, team support
  • Manage your parts, trucks, loaner cars and more

Detailed Analytic Data

Our GPS tracking solutions come with comprehensive analytics and software features. Use these to monitor vehicle uses, locations, costs and more. If you have a specific asset that is being underutilized, you’ll be able to see it clearly with our GPS tracking software and correct the situation.


“Improved vehicle maintenance, have not had a blown motor in 3 years, improvement in delivery time and disputes.”

“Found my stolen truck within 1 minute with minimal damage, improved delivery and driver behavior.”

“Slowed down my drivers, have not had a speeding ticket since I added the system. Overall I figured out that Extreme GPS actually saves me
money in annual costs.”

“Have reduced package disputes, can verify package deliveries and allows me to verify hours of service.”

“All GPS units are not created equal, this one is second to none! Just check out the software!!”

“Best GPS unit to date. Enjoyed the development of this product seeing the limitless potential.”

“Their GPS tech is the future. I’ll never need to work with anyone else.”

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