This device prevents the shift lever from moving out of park even, if keys are left in the vehicle and the vehicle is running, without deactivating the device by a foot petal or disables starting system
1. With a Voltmeter, find the wire from the key or neutral safety switch that activates the power to starter or
neutral safety switch
2. Cut the wire and connect the BLUE wire from the relay to the end which goes toward the key or neutral safety
switch + side. It should show about 12v when the key is on Start, but 0v otherwise.
3. Connect the RED wire from the SID relay to the other cut end of the starter or neutral safety switch
4. Foot pedal Ring connector pedal ring goes to body-ground.

GM Shifter lock
1. Move blue/white from socket pin 30 and move to 87a and connect to 12 volts
2. Move red pin on socket 87 and move to 30 this is going to be connected to shift lock power input at shift lock solenoid and cap off the factory line
3. Ring connector goes to body ground or ground source

Brown wire @ shifter lock 5 pin connector

Install time takes 15 mins on most Trucks

Please contact Stephen 610-816-3182 for any vehicle you may need help with


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